Bangor Goal-Setting Interview

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Bangor Goal-Setting Interview Manual
Setting goals with the BGSI Version 2 Linda Clare, Sharon M Nelis and Aleksandra Kudlicka Centre for Research in Ageing and Cognitive Health University of Exeter December 2016 Living well with memory difficulties (the GREAT study. Copyright © 2016, The University of Exeter. All rights reserved the copyright and intellectual property rights in this booklet and the material contained herein are owned by the University of Exeter. For further information, permission for reproduction or further use of the copyright, please contact

The BGSI v Manual December 2016 Copyright © 2016
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Goal-based approaches for behaviour change
Identifying something that can be
Goals are brief statements about
Bgsi step 1 – identifying areas to work on.
Bgsi step 4 – assigning goal attainment descriptors.
Administering the bgsi version 2
Cognitive challenges in early-stage dementia
Discussing potential areas for improvement
Challenges to health in later life
Step a how do your difficulties impact on everyday tasks, activities and routines
Step a. day-to-day routine and tasks
Step c how do these difficulties impact on social contacts and relationships
Specific m
Be clear about what exactly is to be achieved
Try to express one idea per goal.
Ensure that goals are expressed in behavioural terms.
Goals need to account for individual limitations and/or underlying impairments.
Goals need to be personally meaningful and reflect the person’s important needs.
Formulating goals
Goals should be stated positively.
Number of goals
Goal attainment descriptors (%)
Barriers, facilitators and resources
Step 3: assessing current goal attainment and motivation to
Step a – attainment
The purpose of the attainment rating is
Discussion of the attainment rating scale
Avoid goals where the attainment rating is high and/or motivation to work on the goal
Evaluating progress
I. interviewee ratings of attainment
Split the process of setting
What if a family member or carer suggests goals to the
Adapting the bgsi for use in a research project
Using the bgsi in a randomised controlled trial
If applicable,
Difficulty identifying goals in an intervention trial
Comments on the goal-setting process
Goal identification goal 1
Goal identification goal 4
Informant change in attainment scores
Iv. interviewee ratings of readiness to change - optional

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