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Welcome to ETI – TEXTIL BB network.
This system has been developed for EL CORTE INGLES (ECI) in order to manage all its label needs among its suppliers. It has been designed to work on an automated basis in order to get all the variable data directly from ECI’s server. Hence, it will simplify the management for variable data, and will improve accuracy, as nobody will have to retype this information. By collecting the information directly from ECI’s server, the use of this information will be fully automatic. No errors should occur by using this procedure. This automated procedure gets the information from ECI’s server. Therefore, the official order needs to be processed by the buyer. In some cases, suppliers work not only with the official order, but also with an advanced forecast. Therefore, suppliers might need to start the production for garments even though the official order is not yet processed. If this is the case, we have designed a manual procedure that will help suppliers to place orders for labels without variable data, even though ECI orders are not yet arrived. Official orders will be needed anyway in order to manage the information for barcode and price tickets. However, the brand and size sewing labels, and care labels (which are needed at the very beginning of the production process) could be ordered at a first step without any delay. However, this manual procedure will not be applicable at all for any of the labels that contain any variable data such as barcode sewing labels, or hang tag labels – price tickets. Whenever variable data is required, the user will have to use the automated system in order to avoid any mistake. It is highly recommended to place all the orders for labels according to the automated procedure. The manual procedure has been developed just to increase flexibility. It is possible that in the future, only automatic orders could be processed through the system. However, at this first step, we believe that flexibility is a must, and therefore, both procedures will be available. In the next few pages, you will be able to see how the system works in both ways, either manually or automatically. We would like to remind you that we have an specific department and people that will beat your complete disposal for any doubt or information you might need about the system, the orders, the articles,… Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime we could be of further assistance. We are very pleased to inform you about the people that will handle your orders and requests :

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