Avg network edition (User Manual)

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AVG Network edition (User Manual)

Document revision 2013.09 (12/2/2013)
C opyright AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. All rights reserved.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
This product uses RSA Data Security, Inc. MD Message-Digest Algorithm, Copyright (C ) 1991-2, RSA Data
Security, Inc. Created This product uses code from C -SaC zech library, Copyright (c) 1996-2001 Jaromir Dolecek

This product uses compression library zlib, Copyright (c) 1995-2002 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler

Avg antivirus business edition
Avg data center
Avg admin console
Server rolesavg antivirus business edition
Anti-spam protection
Advanced settings – remote administration
Deployment process
Avg admin lite
Updateproxy role
Updateproxy role only. the avg network installer wizard
Avg admin deployment wizard
Note: navigation in the wizard is as usual:the back
Data center role
Repeated deployment
Databases overview
Keep existing data center database
Update existing data center database
Updateproxy role
Administrator’s username
Set the value for the current run only
Import data into the database from a folder
Anti-spam updates
Do not write to dc
Configuration/shared settings for
Remote network installer available from avg admin console
Avg firewallavg online shield
Remote network installation
Proxy settings button
Custom update server
Select a single station
Export stations without avg to a file
Retrieve the installation log
Select stations without avg
Note: you can later review recently installed stations from the avg admin console
Name of the file to launch installation
To use the script saved to a folder:
To use the script from a removable device:
This chapter describes the advanced mode.
License information
Remote avg uninstallation
Select type of installation progress visibility
Select folder where avg 2013 setup log file will be stored
Add new station into group
Import stations from file
License number change
Where to install
Remote administration
Define avg station settings
Data center menu
Simple password protection
Non-compliance conditions...
Highlight last station contact in green if it is not older than
Refresh - refreshes
Find next station
Show duplicate stations...
Run avg network installer wizard
Download latest documentation
About avg admin console...
Show errors and warnings
Disable messages filtering
Synchronize settings
Tasks related to scan/ask for scan results
Non-compliant stations
Component states tab
No communication with station fora period longer than
Use for admin server
Restart is needed
Delete temporary update files
Import settings...
Station description
Note: all filters are case insensitive!6.6. scan results
Confirm scan results
Close - closes the window.remove selected threats
Infected - the file is infected.healed
Report schedules chapter
Non-compliant stations
Including rootkits
Note: all filters are case insensitive!6.9. licenses
Change license number
Note: all filters are case insensitive!6.11. network installer
Export all station list...
Enter an ip range
Re- check state of selected stations
Export selected stations list
Basic remote network installation
Storing of installation packages on the admin server side
Monitor, button start server
Portable data storage medium (usb drive)
Note: you can use default
Shared settings in group
Delay of processing specific pending requests after station startup
Creating new exceptions
System folder
Email scanner for ms exchange (smtp transport agent)
Scan inside archives
Email scanner for ms exchange
Proactive scan (incoming messages)
Note: even if you disable both background scan
Report potentially unwanted programs and spyware threats
High severity detections
Perform regular database backups
Edit - will allow you to edit the selected entry.delete
Smtp login - specify username.smtp password
Tools.navigate to update
Ask to rollback last antivirus database update
Group setting
Settings - opens station settings.firewall settings
Create anew group
Moving stations between groups
Installation type
Avg network installer wizard
Connection string
Login name - enter username.password
Importing procedure:
Microsoft sql server
Allowed actions
Requests sent to groups/all stations
Requests expiration
Account rights tab
Delete objects whose owner is not available in the avg data center anymore
Feature namefeature description
On demand update
Deploying multiple updateproxy

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