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Temperature mode.
You can see and on both the buttons and the LCD.

means comfort temperature and means economy temperature. These two temperatures are user changeable. Furthermore, there is a fixed defrost temperature (C) indicated by

on the LCD. Throughout the operation of the thermostat we will refer them as comfort, economy or defrost temperature instead of numeric values.
Dip switches.
If you remove the front cover, you can find three small switches
(dip switches. These three switches are used to control the span,
output-on delay and heat/cool system. Span is the temperature (Cor C) difference between the turn on temperature and turnoff temperature.
AURATON 2005 is a programmable thermostat. It can automatically adjust the room temperature to a comfortable level when you are at home, and lower it to save energy when you go out or sleep. What you have to do is to program the thermostat so that it knows when to raise the temperature. There are altogether nine programs contained in the memory of the thermostat. Six of them are preset in the factory and the remaining three are user changeable.

1) Day of the week Indicator) Time) Temperature) Program Number) Program Profile Indicator) Manual Override Indicator
7) Output-On Indicator and temperature Mode Indicator) Low Battery Indicator
A. The output-on indicator will be displayed if the output is on. It will disappear if the output is off.
B. The low battery indicator will be displayed if the voltage of the batteries drop to a certain level. Please change the batteries as soon as possible.
The thermostat is operated by two LR alkaline batteries. Please remove the front cover and install two new batteries. When the batteries are installed, the thermostat should be operating and you can seethe LCD
active. If the thermostat does notwork properly, please check the batteries for wrong polarities and press the reset button by a ballpoint pen.
The LCD after start or reset.
A. Temperature may not be C as the diagram shown and the Output-On indicator may active after a few seconds, depend on different situations.
B. Do not use a pencil to push the reset button. The graphite residue of a pencil can cause short circuit and damage the thermostat.
Set day/time.
To set day, press d button. Similarly, press h button to set hour and m button to set minute.
Example: When start or after reset, the time is 00:00, Sunday. To set the clock to current time (e.g., Tuesday, press d 2 times, h 11 times and m 23 times.
Note: When you press and hold the keys for 2 seconds the daytime will change rapidly. Release when the desired setting comes.

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