August Smart Lock, 3rd Gen Technology

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August Smart Lock,
3rd Gen Technology
Installation Guide

Inside the Box
What you need
August Smart Lock AA batteries included)
Phillips Screwdriver
Mounting Plate Adapters
Adhesive Strip
Before starting, we recommend confirming your deadbolt at

1. Prepare your existing deadbolt
Use the supplied adhesive strip to hold the keyed side of the lock in place.
2. Remove your existing thumbturn
Unscrew and remove the screws from your existing deadbolt thumbturn. If there is an additional back plate, remove that as well. Be sure to unlock your deadbolt before removing the thumbturn entirely.

3. Prepare the mounting plate
The included mounting plate has two adjustable screw-holes that can be repositioned as needed. Remove the screws from the thumbturn and insert them into the front of the mounting plate.
4. Attach the mounting plate
Tighten the screws by hand until the mounting plate is secured against the door.

5. Choose your adapter
Select your adapter from the Compatibility Chart above.
(If your lock brand is not in the chart, slide each adapter onto the tailpiece to find the right one. The correct adapter will have one of the nubs pointing up.)

6. Attach the correct adapter
Place the correct adapter onto the tailpiece. One of the triangle shaped nubs should facing up if you have the correct adapter.
7. Rotate to unlocked position
Rotate the thumbturn all the way to the unlocked position, which may take some moderate force. The direction you turn will depend on which side of the door your deadbolt is on.

8. Open the wing latches
9. Attach the August Smart Lock
Pull out both side wing latches to prepare for mounting.
Before placing the August Smart Lock on the door, ensure the thumbturn is in the correct unlocked position.
Slide the August Smart Lock over the tailpiece and attach it to the mounting plate. Make sure the back of the lock is flush with the door. To secure the August Smart Lock, clampdown both side wing latches to the mounting plate completely.

10. Remove the faceplate
11. Remove the battery tab
Slide the top of the front face upwards to remove the battery compartment cover.
While holding the batteries in place, remove the clear plastic battery isolation tab on the left side. Make sure that the battery is properly seated in its compartment.
: Avoid pulling the longer gray tab, as it will remove all of the batteries.

12. Replace the faceplate
Place the faceplate back onto the August Smart Lock over the batteries until it clicks into place.
13. Install DoorSense™
DoorSense™ enables your lock to know when the door is open and closed. For instructions on installing DoorSense™, please visit the link below: 8

13. Use the August Home app to complete setup
Download and install the August Home app. Select "Get Started" from the home screen, or, if already logged into the app, select "Set Up a Lock" from the main menu.
Call AUGUST (or visit for answers.

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