Assembling Your Ukulele Kit

Step 10. Adjust String Height

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Step 10. Adjust String Height
Once the strings are in place, the height of the strings off the fretboard, or action of your ukulele should be adjusted to maximise the playability of your instrument. This is achieved by measuring the height of the strings at the stand
th frets, and sanding the base of the nut (for the first fret) and the base of the saddle (for the 12
th fret) until the desired height is achieved. What the height of your ukulele strings should be is dictated to a certain extent by your playing style. The perfect height for any player is the height just before which the strings start to hit the frets (or buzz. A good rule of thumb could bethought of as mm at the st fret (adjusting the nut height) and mm at the 12
th fret (adjusting the saddle height. You will need to play with these to see what your perfect string heights are. Each time you make an adjustment, tune one (or all) of the strings backup to correct pitch to check the height. This can be a time consuming process, but patience at this stage will payoff.
Note: You do not want to over sand either the nut or the saddle Once either of
these is lowered too far, it will need to be replaced and the lowering process started
all over again. You can’t put back material once it is removed
Once you have achieved the desired string height, the nut and saddle should be affixed in place using a small drop of superglue. Don’t use too much as you may need to remove one or other for maintenance in the future.

Step 11. Tune the Strings
The standard tuning fora ukulele is as follows G, CE, A Use achromatic tuner to achieve the best results when tuning, and remember to always bring your string into tune whilst tightening the string not loosening it. Well, that’s it. Enjoy your new ukulele

Step 1. sanding
Customizing the headstock
Sanding the fretboard?
Step 3. attaching the neck
Step 4. apply finish to the body and neck
Dyed / stained wood finish
Step 5. attaching the sound hole decal
Step 6. determine the bridge position
Step 8. install the tuning pegs

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