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Advanced Metering Infrastructure Agreement
Proprietary and Confidential
This AMI Agreement (the Agreement) is made by and between Thirkettle Corporation dba Aqua-Metric Sales Company, a California corporation, having its principal location at 4050 Flat Rock Drive, Riverside, CA 92505
(“Aqua-Metric”) and the City of Mandeville (City, a United States municipality having its principal location at 3101 East Causeway Approach, Mandeville, LA 70448 (City) as of ________________, 2018 (the Effective Date. The Parties agree as follows A. Aqua-Metric is the exclusive value added reseller of certain services, hardware, and software related to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (“AMI”) technology manufactured by Sensus, Inc. (Manufacturer) and used by Aqua-Metric’s municipal customers to meter and measure water. B. City desires, and Aqua-Metric desires to provide to City, the services and products described herein to facilitate an AMI System for the measurement and metering of City’s water utilities.
1. PROJECT. Aqua-Metric agrees to perform and provide to City the equipment and services that are described in this Agreement and its various Exhibits as part of a global AMI System for the measurement and metering of the City’s water utilities. For purposes of this Agreement, Aqua-Metric will be deemed to have provided such products and services to the extent that any such products and services are provided by Manufacturer or any other third party approved by City.
2. SCOPE OF SERVICES. Ab Installation of Sensus Basestations.
Aqua-Metric agrees to provide installation services to City pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and Exhibit B attached hereto and made apart thereof. B. Regional Network Interface (“RNI”) and Sensus Analytics (SA) solutions Implementation and

Exhibit ab baqua-metric pricing
Kristy segarra - manager, bids and proposals
Aqua-metric sales company
Exhibit b aqua metric statement of work for sensus flexnet and sensus anaytics saas
Exhibit cb bmeter installation scope of work
Exhibit ebb certificate of insurance
Automobile liability
R. t. beers & co.
Coverage ab bodily inury
Commercial general
Section v – definitions
Section ii – who is an insured,
Business auto coverage
Section ii - liability coverage
Liability coverage
Exclusion the following is added to the section ii
Section iii - physical damage
Physical damage coverage, ab bcoverage:
Electronic equipment
Limit of insurance
Physical damage
Material transfer expense
Iii - physical damage
Physical damage coverage, cb blimit of insurance
Extension the following is added to section iii -
Section iv - conditions
Against others to us
Disclose information
Section v - definitions
Request for proposals
Proposal: ami system implementation
Meter size quantity
B. ami system summary
D. proposal price form
F. important dates
Copies of the manufacturer’s warranty shall be included
Proposer shall be capable of processing warranty claims.
E. performance warranties
H. electronic register
I. maximum operating pressure
L. guarantee and maintenance program
B. conformance to standards
H. direct magnetic drive system
J. maximum operating pressure
O. guarantee and maintenance program
A. endpoint and network installation contract management.
D. installation schedule.
F. response to complaints.
H. material scrap/disposal
I. leaks after installation.
K. installation/field testing control hardware and software
Appendix a – proposal price form
Appendix b – water meter tabulation example
B. purpose of this policy
Appointed personnel.
D. contractors
Appendix h – insurance

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