Advantages of the Gilgen fd 20 swing door drive unit: Highly versatile and robust

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GilGen FD 20 swinG Door Drive unit one drive mechanism – many possible applications
Advantages of the Gilgen FD 20 swing door drive unit:
Highly versatile and robust
Gilgen swing door drive units are equally ideal for new installations and building upgrades. external doors, internal doors and even fire doors can all be automated with ease.
All the functions – one drive mechanism
Full Power and Low Energy operating
modes can be selected as desired!
• Electromechanical opening system
• Controlled, spring-actuated closure with motor assistance
• Spring-actuated closure in the event of a power failure
• No travel stops required (except where there is a danger of vandalism and for fire-related doors)
• Adjustable wind-load function
• Integrated inverse power-down opening function
Easy installation
• Can be attached to the door lintel or door leaf
• Optional pull/push-rod or sliding rod
• Consistent installation position
• Reliable plan-compatibility suitable fora large large range of applications
• All-pole, circuit-breaking master switch integrated into side cover)
Initial startup made simple
The integrated LC display lets you configure drive functions and parameters such as:
• Operating sequence
• Opening angle
• Push and go function
• Electronic closing-sequence control for two-leaf doors
• Interlock function
• Reinforced closure
the Gilgen FD 20 is tÜv-tested for conformity with both en 16005 and Din 18650.
Operating and safety elements
the high-performance mains power unit
(24 VDC/2A) allows the connection of such items as:
• Safety sensors
• Radar devices
Contactless detection sensors
• Hand-held radio transmitter
• Foot- or elbow-operated switches
• Key-operated pulse switches and badge/
pass scanners Electric locks and locking devices
• D-BEDIX external control unit
For reliable, convenient operation
• Obstacle-detection system with automatic stop/reverse mechanism
• Optical sensor strips
• Smooth, noise-free opening and closing electromechanical configuration
• Very low power consumption in standby (4 watts)
• Illuminated program selector keys integrated into side cover
• Operates reliably even in high winds the Gilgen FD 20 swing door drive unit is highly consistent when it comes to performance, long service life and quiet running. From lightweight internal doors to heavier external doors designed to withstand high winds – the Gilgen FD 20 is always the right choice!

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Installation and configuration options
Application limits:
Max. leaf weight
250 kg
Door sizes EN 3-7
(850 – 1600 mm)
Door sizes fire doors EN 4-6
(950 – 1400 mm)
Max. opening angle Max. wind speed
80 km/h (320 Pa depending on door size and type of rod
Technical specifications:
Power transfer Standard rods (pushing function) Sliding rods (pushing and pulling function)
Dimensions of drive mechanism (mm) Height 95, width 690 , depth 120 Weight of drive mechanism
10,5 kg Ambient temperature
-15 to +50 °C
Protection rating
IP Operating voltage
230 VAC (+10/-15 %), 50 Hz, 10/13 A
Power consumtion of drive mechanism max. 560 W
rated motor capacity
100 w
Stand-by consumption
4 W
Power supply, external user
24 VDC (±10 %), 2 A
output shaft torque max. 80 nm lintel depth standard rods max. 250 mm
Lintel depth sliding rods
-30 / +150 mm
Opening speed max. 40°/s
Closing speed max. 40°/s
Relative humidity max. 85 %
Lintel assembly with sliding rods
Pulling function, single- and two-leaf
Aesthetic solution, simple installation
Lintel assembly with sliding rods
Pushing function, single- and two-leaf
Aesthetic solution, simple installation
Lintel assembly with standard rods
Pushing function, single- and two-leaf
Highly-efficient power transmission
Door installation with sliding rods
Pushing function, single-leaf
Suitable for use where height is limited

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