Acs800-11/U11 Hardware Manual

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Hardware Manual
ACS800-11 Drives (5.5 to 110 kW)
ACS800-U11 Drives (7.5 to 125 HP)

ACS800 Single Drive Manuals
HARDWARE MANUALS (appropriate manual is included in the delivery)
ACS800-01/U1 Hardware Manual 0.55 to 110 kW (0.75 to 150 HP)
3AFE64382101 (English)
ACS800-01/U1 Marine Supplement 3AFE64291275 (English)
ACS800-02/U2 Hardware Manual 90 to 500 kW (125 to 600 HP)
3AFE64567373 (English)
/U11 Hardware Manual 5.5 to kW (7.5 to 125 HP)
3AFE68367883 (English)
ACS800-04 Hardware Manual 0.55 to 132 kW
3AFE68372984 (English)
ACS800-04/04M/U4 Hardware Manual 45 to 560 kW (60 to
600 HP) 3AFE64671006 (English)
ACS800-04/04M/U4 Cabinet Installation 45 to 560 kW (60 to
600 HP) 3AFE68360323 (English)
ACS800-07/U7 Hardware Manual 45 to 560 kW (50 to 600 HP)
3AFE64702165 (English)
ACS800-07/U7 Dimensional Drawings 45 to 560 kW (50 to
600 HP) 3AFE64775421
ACS800-07 Hardware Manual 500 to 2800 kW
3AFE64731165 (English)
ACS800-17 Hardware Manual 75 to 1120 kW
3AFE64681338 (English) Safety instructions
• Electrical installation planning
• Mechanical and electrical installation
• Motor control and IO board (RMIO)
Technical data
Dimensional drawings
Resistor braking

Firmware manuals, supplements and guides
Safety instructions
Electrostatic discharge warning
Groundingthese instructions are intended for all who are responsible for the grounding of the drive. warning!
Start-up and operation
Table of contents
The acs800-11/u11
Mechanical installation
Planning the electrical installation
Electrical installation
Motor control and io board (rmio)
Installation checklist
Technical data
Dimensional drawings
About this manual
Other related manuals
Common chapters for several products
Categorization according to the plus code
Installation and commissioning flowchart
Termsline-side converter:
Ac voltage and current waveforms
Size refer to
Before installation
Mounting the drive on the wall
Preventing cooling air recirculation
To which products this chapter applies
If the drive is equipped
Protecting the motor insulation and bearings
Requirements table
Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Thermal overload and short-circuit protection
Mains cable (ac line cable) short-circuit protection
Drive ac fuses (acs800-07/u7, and acs800-02/u2 with enclosure extension)
Circuit breakers
Ground fault protection
Emergency stop devices
Prevention of unexpected start
Selecting the power cables
Cross-sectional area of the phase
Not allowed for motor cables
Power factor compensation capacitors
Before opening a contactor (dtc control mode selected)
X251ro1 2ro1 3ro1x26
Control panel cable
Routing the cables
Control cable ducts
Make sure that the drive is disconnected from the mains (input power) during
Motor and motor cable
Disconnecting the emc filter capacitors
Conductor stripping lengths
Frame sizestripping length
Wall installed units (us version)
Cabinet installed units (ip 00, ul type open)
Wire sizecompression lug
Connecting the shield wires
Fastening the control cables and covers
External +24 v power supply for the rmio board
Note on external power supply
Rmioterminal block size
Rmio board specifications
Constant voltage output
Ddcs fibre optic link
Isolation and grounding diagram
Electrical installation
Operation what this chapter contains
Acs800-11/u11 specific parameters in the igbt supply control program
Fixed parameters with the acs800-11, acs800-u11 and acs800-17
Parameterdefault value
Actual signals and parameters of the line converter in the motor-side converter
Fieldbus control interface
Inverter rmio
Fault: same id numbers
Changing the control panel to the motor-side converter
Main cooling fan
Fan replacement (r, r6)
No-overload use
Mains cable fuses
Dimensions, weights and noise
Prospective short-circuit
Frequency resolution
Storagein the protective packagetransportation
Vibration (iec 60068-2)
Packageplywood, bands pp or steeldisposal
Applicable standards
Definitionsemc stands for e
Compliance with the emc directive
Machinery directive
Compliance with iec 61800-3
Equipment warranty and liability
Input cable fuses
Note 3: fuses from other manufacturers can be used if they meet the ratings. acs800-u11 type
Dimensions and weights

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