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ACC Privacy Policy
Policy Statement
ACC’s Privacy Policy sets out the standards that will enable personal and health information in our care to be managed as carefully and respectfully as if it were our own.
A privacy policy is a vehicle for guiding and training staff, providing assurance that all employees understand their responsibility to protect inadvertent use of information for unauthorised purposes, and protecting our customers from any harm that could result. The policy sets out the principles used by
ACC to collect, use, disclose and store personal and health related information, and forms the basis of how ACC will handle, process, manage and destroy personal and health information.
Privacy relates to personal information, defined as information about an identifiable individual. ACC is also a health agency that manages health information, which is information about an individual’s medical history, disability, or health services provided to an individual. Information includes physical and electronic documents, and can include information held in the mind of ACC’s employees as long as that information is readily retrievable. This Privacy Policy applies to all business units, branches, service providers, suppliers, and employees of ACC.
Policy system
Privacy is one of ACC’s strategic intentions and there is accountability for privacy throughout the organisation, from the Board and Executive to managers and employees.
ACC’s privacy system is integrated with our Target Operating Model (TOM) through the Information Layer. The TOM puts the customer at the centre of our processes and will fundamentally transform the way ACC collects, uses, stores and discloses information.
ACC’s Privacy Maturity Plan is part of the Information layer of the TOM. ACC’s privacy system is guided by the Privacy Policy, with the maturity plan measuring our progress. As a specialist team within this system, ACC’s Privacy Team supports organisational privacy controls, knowledge and skills.

Policy standards
Acc commits to making people aware of the collection of information.
Use and disclosure
Acc commits to storing information with reasonable safeguards against loss and
Training acc will train its employees and contractors in personal and health information
Acc commits to retaining up to date privacy processes

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