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Audi Navigation Syste
Operating Instr

© 2004 AUDI AG
It has always been Audi’s policy to continuously improve its products. Audi, therefore, reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications, and to make additions or improvements in its products, without incurring any obligation to install them on products previously manufactured.
Text, illustrations and specifications in this book are based on the most up-to-date information available at the time of printing.
All rights reserved. May not be reproduced or translated in whole or in part without the written consent of AUDI AG. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
“BOSE” is a registered trademark of Bose Corporation.

Editorial deadline 08/20/20
Table of contents
Alphabetical index
Structure of the book
Sectionsthe information inmost sections
Special symbols in this book
For the sake of the environment
General operation
Important notes
Pay attention first and foremost to your driving as the driver
Traffic today requires your full and continuous concentration. as
Switching on and off
Note·if the display cannot
User-friendly radio coding
Unlocking the system (unlocking procedure)
General system operation
Forward/reverse button
Main cd function is active
Main mp function is active
Adjusting volume
History function
Start navigation system reset
Multi-function steering wheel with audio
Deleting numbers, letters and characters
Dvd navigation drive
Fig. 33 display open
Storage medium mp cd”
Fig. 36 display open
Ejecting a cd
Fig. 39 display open
Fig. 41 display open
Loading the cd into a specific empty slot
Fig. 42 audi cd
Ejecting cdsejecting a cd
Cd changer with magazine
Removing the magazine from the cd changer
Fig. 46 cd changer
Fig. 47 side of maga-
Fig. 49 removing cds
Fig. 50 compact disc
Tips on handling navigation dvds
Do not use protective rings
Fig. 52 holding your
Control button
Radio setup submenus
Radio station list on the fm band
Radio station list on the am band
Automatic station scan (scan)
Station reception (fm/am range)
Activate your satellite radio service
Sirius id number
Fig. 71 setup radio xm: sort station by
Fig. 72 setup radio station info
Turning off individual filter options
Invalidthe channel is invalid or not used.system mes-
Selecting cd function
Mp3 setup submenus
Sound control button
Scan cd tracks
Mp3 details (name)
Scan mp track (scan)
Repeating mp3
Track display
Category display
Adjusting sound settings
Dsp (digital signal processing)
How does dynamic noise compensation work?
Volume settings
Name, tel name (directory)
Pay attention first and foremost to your driving as the driver of
Name (directory)
Editing a directory entry
Fig. 107 directory deleting an individual entry
Setting directory navigation destination
Always obey traffic laws, signs and signals, they take prece-
Always adjust your speed to road, traffic and weather condi-
Navigation (nav)
Follow the traffic laws for the area in which you are driving. if
Fig. 113 navigation example of screen in the navigation system display
If driving instructions run contrary to traffic laws, the traffic laws
Fig. 116 instrument
Visual presentation in the instrument
Selecting navigation function
Navigation submenus
Fig. 124 navigation entering the destination using the speller
Selection destination input on map”
Entering street/city with special characters
Special destination input
Selection telephone number”
Selection in vicinity of destination”
Selection “region-wide”
Destination input on map
Selection detail info”
Start route guidance
Changing/interrupting route guidance
Top categories
Store in directory
Fig. 143 navigation load from directory
Delete route– press the memory
Tipsif route guidance is not activated, route list
Ferrycomprises the options include
Tips·if the avoid route from here
Map and information display
Map display with active side menu
Zoom mapfig. 154 navigation adjusting zoom with inactive side menu
Current position
Fig. 167 setup navigation selection from the map contents list
Fig. 170 setup navigation map display with active freeway information
The following freeway information can be displayed:
Name, telnav, info
Intersection map
Set position/direction
Information (info)
Selecting setup function
Setup submenus
Fig. 183 setup h time format setting
Factory settings
Switch on display
Frequently asked questions (faq)
Qquick introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9r

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