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Age of Empires Expandable Card Game
A Journeyman Press Product
Game design Marcus D’Amelio and Ted Triebull
Original Concept & Additional Design David May
Art Direction David Aikins, Lynette Castator & Jonathan Queen
Editing: Todd Breitenstein
Game distributed and produced by Journeyman Press 4590 Beech
Street Cincinnati, Ohio, Artists David Aikens, Andy Bennett, Brent Bowman, Matt Busch,
Joe Corroney, Dave Groff, Joe Kovach, Lissanne Lake, Ron Miller,
Tom Miller, Lee Moyer, Aric Nicholson, Steve Prescott, Jonathan
Queen, Chris Seaman, R. Ward Shipman, Anthony Weiler.
Special Thanks To Brian Woodward, Adrienne Youngblood,
Kathleen Thill, James Perry, Rachel Triebull, James McDaniel,
Nancy Figatnur, Jordan Weisman, Mike Tass Chapman, Beej
Chapman, Rob Lowry, Rich Gain, James Bernard, Mike Webb, Stan
Sord, Neale J. Carter, Jarred Saxman, Steven Curran , Joseph
Rodriguez, Angela Chapman, all the folks at Ensemble Studios (for making an incredible game in the first place, and the folks over at
Microsoft (for making the card game possible).
The Age of Empires Expandable card game is a game of conquest, enlightenment, and civilization advancement. Just as in the computer game, you are the leader of a civilization that has begun to rise after the fall of Rome. Only you can lead your people out of the Dark Ages and into their place in history.
This highly strategic game has the feel of a historical game combined with the fast-paced and continuously changing atmosphere of an expandable card game. Do you have what it takes to crush your foes?
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The Ages
The overall concept of the game involves advancement through four ages, the Dark Age, the Feudal
Age, the Castle Age, and the Imperial Age. As your civilization grows more powerful, you will spend resources to advance your civilization into the later ages. The Deck
The starting card deck is divided into four sections. These sections correspond to the four ages mentioned above. The first section contains cards that have an Age I symbol on them and will be the cards you will use in the Dark Age. The second, third and fourth sections correspond to the appropriate ages. Three terms are used in regard to the deck.“Total
Deck” refers to all four sections of the deck. “Age
Deck” refers to the cards for one Age. Play Deck”
refers to the deck that you draw from during play
Customizing Your Deck
After you have played a few times, you will be able to customize your deck further with cards from booster packs. There area few rules in regard to creating your own deck.
There is a minimum of 90 cards in your Total Deck.
(See Table 1) You may have up to five of any card in your Total Deck. The only exceptions are Walls,
which may have an unlimited number, and Militia, of which you may have ten. Any card with the same card title counts toward the five-card limit. An arbalest, specific to the Britons, still counts as an arbalest. You may put cards from previous ages into later age decks, but later age cards may not go into
Each starter box has a card deck, four Age
Cards, which are used to keep track of what Age you are in a Civilization Card, which shows the bonuses that your civilization has one Booster Pack, which contains 12 random cards and this rule book.
Players will need their own starter box to play. For your first game, we suggest you use the provided deck. After a game or two, feel free to customize your deck with cards from booster packs.
Based on the award-winning Microsoft computer game, Age of Empires is an expandable card game in which you will create a village, recruit military units, and research technologies. Players build their own deck based on one of the eighteen civilizations from the computer game. This first set contains
Britons, Celts, Goths, Mongols, and Persians. Age of Empires is normally a player game but there are rules included for multiplayer battles and scenarios. These scenarios are meant to be flexible and allow for whatever type or length of game you want to play.
Object of the Game
To win Age of Empires, you must complete one of the following winning conditions. These will be more fully explained later Destroy all opponent’s Town Centers or Villagers Collect five Relics and Enshrine them in a Monastery for six turns Advance to the Imperial Age, build a Wonder of the World, and protect it for six turns.

Note: see winning conditions
Important fact
Important fact
A special note about age iv games
Starting agestarting

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