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D) The signal is lost.
When the RTH receiver has lost the signal from the H-1 handle paired (3 consecutive transmissions are lost, it changes the status if this window to closed. When the transmission is restored, the H-1 handle is again properly read off by the RTH receiver.

Special situations
When 3 consecutive transmissions (after 15 minutes) from the AURATON
200 RTH regulator and/or the T-2 thermometer are lost, an error is signalled on the RTH receiver (LED flashing continuously red and green. The RTH receiver starts executing the ON - OFF cycle memorised during the last 24 hours of operation until the problem is removed.
When both signals return (from the AURATON 200 RTH regulator and the T-2 thermometer, the error is cancelled and the receiver enters its normal mode of operation.
When only the T-2 thermometer signal returns, the receiver uses the last memorised setpoint value and maintains it while signalling the error.
When the H-1 handles, the T-2 thermometer and the AURATON 200 RTH regulator (the temperature is measured with the T-2 thermometer) are paired with the receiver, then maintaining the work cycle from the last 24 hours occurs only after losing the signal from the T-2 thermometer. When only the signal from the AURATON 200 RTH is missing, the RTH receiver automatically maintains the last memorised setpoint from the AURATON
2025 RTH regulator and also signals an error.
When you have only the H-1 handles and the T-2 thermometer paired with the RTH receiver without the AURATON 200 RTH regulator, the RTH receiver maintains a constant, factory-defined temperature of 20 C. If you pivot any window equipped with the H-1 handle paired with the receiver, a temperature of 17 C is maintained. If you open any window equipped with the H-1 handle paired with the RTH receiver, the receiver switches off the heating device, but will switch it back on when the temperature falls below 7 °C.

Optional elements of the system
Auraton 200 rth temperature
Battery installation / replacement
No are closed).the led flashes green
Selecting proper location for auraton 200 rth
Fixing the auraton 200 rth controller to the wall
Note:the rth receiver cannot be placed in metal containers
Pairing the auraton 200 rth wireless
Note: the auraton 200 rth
Frostguard function
Reset - deregistering all devices paired
Setting the temporary
Hi 2 – ci (factory setting)hi 4
B) the remote setpoint
C) the factory setpoint (20 °c)
A) the manual setpoint
Cooperation with the auraton 200 rth regulator and/or
D) the signal is lost
Unique features of auraton 200 rth
Rth receiver enters the normal mode of operation.the rth

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