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HI 2 – Ci (factory setting)HI 4

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HI 2 – Ci (factory setting)
HI 4 – Cb HIP b – PWM mode (see chapter “PWM mode”)
Press to confirm your selection. The controller resumes normal operation) (xxx)
Pulse-Width Modulation mode (PWM)
When changing hysteresis settings, you can enable PWM mode. In PWM mode, the controller switches on the heating device in cycles tom in i mi z e temperature fluctuations. The controller monitors the temperature rise and drop time.
Preset temperature
Room temperature With these values determined, the controller switches the heating device on and off in cycles that enable maintaining temperature as close to the setpoint as possible.
CAUTION: In PWM mode, the controller can switch on the heating device even though the temperature in the room is higher than preset temperature. This is because the PWM algorithm tries to maintain the preset temperature and stays ahead of the heating system behaviour.

If, for some reasons, you would like to decrease temperature in the room, everyday and at the same time, by C, temporary reduction for 6 hours is possible. To do so:
1. Press and hold for 3 seconds both keys.
The moon symbol will be displayed ( ).
2. The controller is switched to the temporary temperature decrease mode and everyday at the same time will decrease the set temperature in a normal mode by C for 6 hours.
After 6 hours, the controller will return to the main temperature setting. Instead of the moon symbol ( ), the sun ( ) symbol will be displayed.
The temporary temperature decrease mode always starts when the function is turned on. This means that the possible temporary temperature decrease has to beset at the time you want it to take place.

Optional elements of the system
Auraton 200 rth temperature
Battery installation / replacement
No are closed).the led flashes green
Selecting proper location for auraton 200 rth
Fixing the auraton 200 rth controller to the wall
Note:the rth receiver cannot be placed in metal containers
Pairing the auraton 200 rth wireless
Note: the auraton 200 rth
Frostguard function
Reset - deregistering all devices paired
Setting the temporary
Hi 2 – ci (factory setting)hi 4
B) the remote setpoint
C) the factory setpoint (20 °c)
A) the manual setpoint
Cooperation with the auraton 200 rth regulator and/or
D) the signal is lost
Unique features of auraton 200 rth
Rth receiver enters the normal mode of operation.the rth

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