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RESET - Deregistering all devices paired

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RESET - Deregistering all devices paired
with the RTH receiver
In order to deregister all devices paired with the RTH receiver, simultaneously press both the pairing and the deregistering button and ) and hold them for at least
5 seconds until the LED flashes alternating red and green. Then release both buttons. A properly completed process of deregistering all devices is signalled after approx. 2 seconds by the LED colour changing to green and then switching it off fora short period of time.
Signalling operation and reception
of data packet
Each radio transmission received by the AURATON RTH receiver from the paired device is signalled by a temporary change of LED colour to orange. Switching on the relay is signalled by the LED lit red, whereas switching it off is signalled by the LED lit green.
NOTE: If after executing the RESET function the RTH receiver is disconnected
from power supply and then connected again, the receiver will automatically
enter pairing mode for 120 seconds. A newly purchased RTH receiver without
any factory-paired devices (i.e. not the one bundled with the regulator) will
behave the same way.

Optional elements of the system
Auraton 200 rth temperature
Battery installation / replacement
No are closed).the led flashes green
Selecting proper location for auraton 200 rth
Fixing the auraton 200 rth controller to the wall
Note:the rth receiver cannot be placed in metal containers
Pairing the auraton 200 rth wireless
Note: the auraton 200 rth
Frostguard function
Reset - deregistering all devices paired
Setting the temporary
Hi 2 – ci (factory setting)hi 4
B) the remote setpoint
C) the factory setpoint (20 °c)
A) the manual setpoint
Cooperation with the auraton 200 rth regulator and/or
D) the signal is lost
Unique features of auraton 200 rth
Rth receiver enters the normal mode of operation.the rth

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