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FrostGuard function
AURATON 200 RTH controller features the special FrostGuard function to protect the room from possible freezing.
The function is activated when the controller is switched off.
With the controller switched off, when the room temperature drops to C, the Fr ( ) and flame ( ) symbols will appear and signal will be sent to the receiver to start heating. When the temperature raises to C, the display will turnoff again and signal will be sent to the receiver to turn the heating off.
3. A properly completed deregistering process is signalled by the LED on the
AURATON RTH receiver no longer flashing red and the receiver reverting back to normal operation.
In the event of an error during the deregistering process, repeat steps 1 and 2. Should more errors occur, deregister all paired devices (see RESET - Deregistering all devices paired with the RTH receiver) and attempt to pair the device again.

Optional elements of the system
Auraton 200 rth temperature
Battery installation / replacement
No are closed).the led flashes green
Selecting proper location for auraton 200 rth
Fixing the auraton 200 rth controller to the wall
Note:the rth receiver cannot be placed in metal containers
Pairing the auraton 200 rth wireless
Note: the auraton 200 rth
Reset - deregistering all devices paired
Frostguard function
Setting the temporary
Hi 2 – ci (factory setting)hi 4
B) the remote setpoint
C) the factory setpoint (20 °c)
A) the manual setpoint
Cooperation with the auraton 200 rth regulator and/or
D) the signal is lost
Unique features of auraton 200 rth
Rth receiver enters the normal mode of operation.the rth

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