2017 fiat 500l owner's Manual

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2017 FIAT L Owner's Manual
First Edition Rev Printed in USA FCA US LLC. All Rights Reserved.
FIAT is a registered trademark of FCA Group
Marketing S.p.A., used under license by FCA US LLC.

With respect to any Vehicles Sold in Canada, the name FCA
US LLC shall be deemed to be deleted and the name FCA
Canada Inc. used in substitution therefore.
Drunken driving is one of the most frequent causes of accidents.
Your driving ability can be seriously impaired with blood alcohol levels far below the legal minimum. If you are drinking, don’t drive. Ride with a designated non- drinking driver, calla cab, a friend, or use public trans- portation.
Driving after drinking can lead to an accident.
Your perceptions are less sharp, your reflexes are

Table of contents
Note: after reviewing the owner information, it
Vehicle identification number
Things to know before starting your vehicle
Mechanical key release button
Caution!• always remove the sentry key from the vehicle
General information
Vehicle security alarm
Central lock/unlock (switch safe lock device)
Deactivating the safe lock device
To lock the doors and liftgate
Replacing the battery in the key with remote
Warning!• do not leave children or animals inside parked
Central lock/unlock button
Auto — relocking (only for rear doors)
Power switch panel
Auto-up feature with anti-pinch protection — if
Warning!there is no anti-pinch protection when the window
Liftgate electronic release
Liftgate emergency release
Warning!• never use a rearward facing child restraint on a
Beltalert warning sequence
Change of status
Lap/shoulder belts
Lap/shoulder belt operating instructions
Pulling out the latch plate
Inserting latch plate into buckle
Seat belts and pregnant women
Energy management feature
Alr — switchable automatic locking retractor
Warning!• never place a rear-facing child restraint in front of
How to disengage the automatic locking mode
Supplemental restraint systems (srs)
Air bag system components
Front air bag locations
Driver and passenger front air bag features
Warning!• no objects should be placed over or near the air
Always wear your seat belts even though you
Located in the outboard side of the front seats. the
Warning!do not use accessory seat covers or place objects
Supplemental side air bag inflatable curtain (sabic)
Warning!• occupants, including children, who are up
Warning! (continued)
If a deployment occurs
Enhanced accident response system
Enhanced accident response system reset
Customer action
Child restraints
Warning!in a collision, an unrestrained child can become a
Child size, height, weight or
Infant and child restraints
Warning!• improper installation can lead to failure of an
Warning!never allow a child to put the shoulder belt under
Latch positions for installing child restraints
Locating the upper tether anchorages
Upper tether anchorages
To install a latch-compatible child restraint
Warning!• improper installation of a child restraint to the
Warning!• improper installation or failure to properly secure
Lap/shoulder belt systems for installing child
Installing a child restraint with a switchable
Engine break-in recommendations
Caution!never use non-detergent oil or straight mineral
Safety checks you should make inside the
Floor mat safety information
Understanding the features of your vehicle
Automatic dimming mirror — if equipped
Conversation mirror location
Heated mirrors — if equipped
Seat height adjustment
Warning!• adjusting a seat while the vehicle is moving is
Heated seats — if equipped
Sitting in a seat that has been overheated could
Adjusting bar
Rear seat recliner handle
Seatback release lever
Folding rear seat armrest
Adjustment buttons
Lightsmultifunction lever
Multifunction lever
Lane change assist
On/right position
Caution!before getting out of the vehicle be sure that the
Interior light timing (on/right position)
Manual high speed/mist
Caution! (continued)
Front windshield washer operation
Rear window wiper operation
Warning!do not adjust the steering column while driving.
Warning!leaving the speed control system on when not in
Speed control buttons
U.s. speed (mph)
To accelerate for passing
Rear park assist — if equipped
Interaction with trailer towing
Rear park assist audible alerts
Failuresensor or system failuresvisual signal
Cleaning the rear park assist system
Rear park assist in order to be able to stop in time
Parkview rear backup camera — if
Before you begin programming homelink
Homelink buttons/sunvisor
Training the garage door opener
Reprogramming a single homelink button
Do not release the button.
Warning!• vehicle exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a dan-
Power sunroof — if equipped
Passenger compartment power socket
Front cupholders
Rear cargo storage features
Armrest upper release latch
Moving the load platform
Caution!the maximum load admitted per each bag hook is
Caution!failure to follow these cautions can cause damage
Roof rack attachment points
Understanding your instrument panel
Warning!a hot engine cooling system is dangerous. you or
Warning and indicator lights
Seat belt reminder warning light
Oil pressure warning light
Electronic stability control (esc) off indicator light
Warning!a malfunctioning catalytic converter, as referenced
Yellow telltale
Park/headlight on indicator light
Instrument cluster display control buttons
Note: upand down
Trip button features
Values displayed
Personal settings
Speed buzzer (speed limit)
Headlight sensor
Rain sensor (rain sensor sensitivity adjustment)
Trip b data submenu settings:
First page
Audio repetition (repeat audio information)
Audio repetition submenu settings:
Menu2. push and release the up
Buzzer volume
Seat belt buzzer
Service (scheduled servicing)
Air bag/passenger bag
Daytime running lamps (drl)
Hill start assist
Warning!• it is not possible to know or to predict all of the
Uconnect settings
Buttons on the touchscreen
Languageenglishespañolfrançaistouchscreen beep
Setting nameselectable options
Selectable options
Time format12hrs24hrsshow time in status bar — if
Auto unlock on exit
Passive entry
Radio off delay
Auto-on radio
Restore settings
Ipod/usb/media player control
Remote sound system controls
Radio operation and mobile phones
Climate controls
Rear defrost button
Floor modefloor mode
Additional electric heater (if equipped)
Automatic climate control overview
Auto button — if equipped
Blower control knob
Bi-level mode
Climate control power button
Climate control functions
Automatic temperature control (atc) — if
Manual operation override
Outside air intake
Uconnect 5.0 nav
Uconnect voice command
Uconnect 5.0uconnect 6.5 nav
Uconnect 5.0 radio
Uconnect 5.0 media
Voice text reply
Uconnect 6.5 nav navigation
Additional information
Starting and operating
Normal starting
Caution!to prevent damage to the starter, do not crank
Automatic transmission
Brake/transmission shift interlock system
Transmission gear selector
Warning!• never use the park position as a substitute for
Warning!• driving through standing water limits your vehi-
Electric power steering
Electronic brake control system
Brake assist system (bas)
Hill start assist (hsa)
Hsa activation criteria
Dynamic steering torque (dst)
Electronic stability control (esc)
Esc off indicator light
Esc operating modes
Esc off switch
Tire safety information
Service description:
Maximum pressure
Tire terminology and definitions
Tire loading and tire pressure
Over-inflation reduces a tire’s ability to cushion
Tire and loading information placard
Metric example for load limit
Caution!after inspecting or adjusting the tire pressure,
Tire pressures for high speed operation
Warning!high speed driving with your vehicle under maxi-
Tire typesall season tires — if equipped
Warning!do not use summer tires in snow/ice conditions.
Run flat tires — if equipped
Spare tires — if equipped
Compact spare tire — if equipped
Warning!compact and collapsible spares are for temporary
Warning!limited use spares are for emergency use only.
Fast spinning tires can be dangerous. forces gener-
Warning!tires and the spare tire should be replaced after six
Warning!• do not use a tire, wheel size or rating other than
Warning!using tires of different size and type (ms, snow)
Department of transportation uniform
Warning!the traction grade assigned to this tire is based
Caution!• the tpms has been optimized for the original
Monitoring sensor.
Tire pressure monitoring low pressure warnings
Check tpms warnings
Fuel requirements — l turbo
Reformulated gasoline
Light” to illuminate. please observe pump labels as
Fuel system cautions
Caution!• do not flat tow any vehicle equipped with an
Hazard warning flashers
If your engine overheats
Warning!you or others can be badly burned by hot engine
Wheel and tire torque specifications
Warning!to avoid the risk of forcing the vehicle off the jack,
Warning!• do not attempt to seal a tire on the side of the
What to do in emergencies
Warning!the metal end fitting from power plug may get hot
The vehicle could slip off the jack and fall on you.
Spare tire removal
Jacking instructions
Jack warning label
Be sure to mount the spare tire with the valve stem
Warning!a loose tire or jack thrown forward in a collision or
Caution!the winch mechanism is designed for use with the
Warning!do not attempt jump-starting if the battery is fro-
Warning!do not allow vehicles to touch each other as this
Connecting the jumper cables
Disconnecting the jumper cables
Caution!accessories plugged into the vehicle power outlets
Caution!racing the engine or spinning the wheels may lead
Gear selector override
Caution!• do not use sling-type equipment when towing.
Lower steering column screw locations
Release tab location
Maintaining your vehicle
Warning!• only an authorized service technician should
Warning!you can be badly injured working on or around a
Caution!• failure to properly maintain your vehicle or per-
Engine oilchecking oil level
Caution!do not overfill the engine with oil. overfilling the
Engine oil viscosity — l turbo engine
Materials added to engine oil
Engine oil filter
Emergencies” for further information.
Refrigerant recovery and recycling hfo 1234yf
Body lubrication
A/c air filter removal
Service position strategy
Rear wiper blade removal/installation
Cooling system
Cooling system — drain, flush and refill
Selection of coolant
Cooling system pressure cap
Points to remember
Parts” in maintaining your vehicle for further
Caution!using a transmission fluid other than the manufac-
Caution!if a transmission fluid leak occurs, visit your autho-
Appearance care and protection from
Caution!• do not use abrasive or strong cleaning materials
Wheel and wheel trim care
Caution!avoid products or automatic car washes that use
Caution!do not use scouring pads, steel wool, a bristle
Dark vapor or black satin chrome wheels
Warning!do not use volatile solvents for cleaning purposes.
Instrument panel cover
Seat belt maintenance
Warning!a frayed or torn belt could rip apart in a collision
Cavitymaxi fuse
Bulb removal procedure
Front, rear roof lamps
Center high-mounted stop lamp (chmsl)
Componentfluid, lubricant, or genuine part
Severe duty all models
Maintenance schedules
Be reasonable with requests
If you need consumer assistance
Speech impaired (tdd/tty)
Warning!engine exhaust (internal combustion engines only),
Publication order forms
Diagnostic procedure manuals
Index installation of radio transmitting

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