2016 Nissan Sentra

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2016 SE NTRA
For your safety, read carefully and keep in this vehicle NISSAN S
Printing : June Publication No
OM2E 0B16U3
Printed in U.S.A.
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Welcome to the growing family of new NISSAN
owners. This vehicle is delivered to you with confidence. It was produced using the latest techniques and strict quality control.
This manual was prepared to help you understand the operation and maintenance of your vehicle so that you may enjoy many miles (kilometers) of driving pleasure. Please read through this manual before operating your vehicle.

A separate warranty information booklet
Modification of your vehicle
Warningengine exhaust, some of its constituents,
Nissan cares . . .
For us. customers
Nissan customer care program
Refer to the page number indicated in pa-
Instrument panel
Warning and indicator lights
Warning● do not ride in a moving vehicle when
Seats1-2safety—seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system
Safety—seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system
Head restraints/headrests
Note:the front passenger seat belt warning light
Warning● every person who drives or rides in this
The alr mode should be used only for
Warning● only nissan seat belt extenders, made
Warninginfants and children need special protec-
Nissan recommends that all pre-teens
Cautiona child restraint in a closed vehicle can
All us. states and canadian provinces or
Latch system lower anchor locations
Latch lower anchors. the child re-
Warningchild restraint anchorages are designed
If you have any questions when installing a
Rear-facing webbing-mounted – step 2
Rear-facing rigid-mounted – step 2
Rear-facing – step 2
Rear-facing – step 5
Forward-facing – step 4
Forward-facing – step 3
Forward-facing – step 6
Rear bench seat
Front passenger position
Supplemental front-impact airbag system
The supplemental airbags operate only
Warning● children maybe severely injured or
The front airbags operate only when the
Normal operation
Note:this vehicle’s occupant classification sen-
Note:a system check will be performed during
The side airbags and curtain airbags op-
Nissan dealer for work on and around
Warningif the supplemental airbag warning light
Warning● once a front airbag, side airbag, or
Type b (if so equipped)
Type a (if so equipped)
Cautionif the gauge indicates a coolant tempera-
Refill the fuel tank before the gauge regis-
Instruments and controls
Inaccurate compass direction
Warning lights, indicator
Parking brake indicator
Warning● your brake system may not be working
Anti-lock braking system (abs) warning
Cautiondo not continue driving if the generator
Tire and loading information label located
Tpms malfunction
Warning● radio waves could adversely affect
Continuously variable transmission (cvt)
Cautioncontinued vehicle operation without hav-
Menu itemresult
Release parking brake
I-key system error see owner’s manual
Low oil pressure see owner’s manual
Tire pressure low - add air
Tpms error see owner’s manual
Shipping mode on push storage fuse
Illumination indicator
Security systems
Fcc notice:for usa:
If the light still remains on and/or the en-
Cautionwhen cleaning the inner side of the rear
Note:autolight activation sensitivity and the time
Be sure you do not put anything on top of
Vehicle dynamic control (vdc)
Front cup holders
Windows2-52instruments and controls
Moonroof (if so equipped)
Depending on the environment or driving
Warning● in an accident you could be thrown from
Note:the step lights illuminate when the driver
Cautiondo not use for extended periods of time
When the homelink® universal trans-
Note:place the ignition switch in the acc posi-
Note:some devices may require you to replace
When your vehicle is recovered, you will
Cautiondo not leave the ignition key inside the
Remote keyless entry key fob
Cautionlisted below are conditions or occur-
Always carry the mechanical key installed
Cautiondo not allow the immobilizer system key,
Driver’s side
When the lever is in the lock position
The panic alarm will not activate when the
If a key fob is lost or stolen, nissan rec-
Note:an auto-relock function will operate after a
Pre-driving checks and adjustments
Nissan intelligent key
Caution● after locking the doors using the re-
Cautionwhen locking the doors using the intelli-
To activate press and hold the and buttons for at least 2 seconds once
Cautionwhen the buzzer sounds and the warning
Note:do not place the support rod in a location
Hood3-24pre-driving checks and adjustments
You can open the trunk lid with the intelli-
Warning● gasoline is extremely flammable and
Malfunction indicator light
If thelight does not turnoff after a
Caution● do not store the sun visor before return-
Warninguse the night position only when neces-
Warning● objects viewed in the outside mirror on
Warning● positioning of the heating or air condi-
Control panel buttons —
Caution● the glass display screen may break if it
Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems
Models with navigation:
Models with navigation
Caution● do not use alcohol, benzine or thinner
On position (indicator light on):
The air conditioner cooling function oper-
Clear snow and ice from the wiper blades
Warningthe air conditioner system contains refrig-
Using a cellular phone in or near the vehicle
Servicing air conditioner
Cd by pressing the eject button. after
Playback order chart
Pulling the cable may damage the port.
General notes for usb use
Note:sources only shown in menu if they are
Tune/menu knob (tuning)
Scan (tuning) button
Tune/menu knob (mp3/wma cd only)
Tune/scroll knob (tuning)
Disp (display) button
Tune/scroll knob (mp3/wma cd only)
On-off button / vol (volume) control
Tuning with the touch-screen
Cd/mp3 display mode
Warningdo not connect, disconnect, or operate the
Play information
Seek/cat and track
Rdm (random) button
Rpt (repeat) button
Warningdo not connect, disconnect or operate the
Usb or media button
Xm/sxm (if so equipped)
Note:for best results, use the native music app.
Note:some devices require the user to accept
How to say numbers
Note:for best results, say phone numbers as
Note:you must press the
Note:if you do not wish to take the call when you
Note:if a call is ended or the cellular phone
Phone b.“transfer entry”
Note:each phone has its own separate phone-
Cuse the missed command to list the calls made to the vehicle that were not answered.“call back”
Bluetooth® hands-free phone
Note:compatible smartphone and registration nec-
Note:this feature is automatically disabled if the
Siri® eyes free (if so equipped)
Warning● use a phone after stopping your vehicle
Note:the connecting procedure must be per-
Note:to scroll quickly through the list, touch the
Warning● laws in some jurisdictions may restrict
Reading a received text message:
Warning● do not leave children or adults who
Warning● the exhaust gas and the exhaust sys-
Additional information:
Warningthe following actions can increase the
Starting and driving
Warning● never remove or turn the key to the
Ignition switch (if so equipped)
To lock the steering wheel, turn the key to
Warningdo not operate the push-button ignition
Push-button ignition switch
Lock (normal parking position)
On (normal operating position)
Before starting the engine
Note:care should betaken to avoid situations
The starter is designed not to operate
Cautiondo not operate the starter for more than
The shift lever cannot be moved out of p
P (park)caution
This will occur even if all electrical circuits
Mra8de engine models (6 m/t)
Sport mode switch
Warningfailure to follow the warnings and instruc-
Detection zone
Illustration 1:
Illustration 1 – approaching from behind
Illustration 3 – overtaking another vehicle
Illustration 5 – entering from the side
Note:if the bsw system stops working, the rcta
For usafcc : oaysrr2b
Rear cross traffic alert (rcta)
For canadaapplicable law canada 310
Warningdo not use the cruise control when driving
To cancel the preset speed,
To reset at a slower cruising speed,
Intelligent cruise control (icc)
To turn on the cruise control
Vehicle detected ahead
When passing another vehicle,
To cancel the preset speed
To reset at a slower cruising speed
Note:the approach warning chime may sound
Listed below are the system limitations for
If this occurs, the icc system may warn you
If it is not possible to set the system or the
Forward emergency braking
Note:the vehicle’s brake lights come on when
Cautionduring the first 1,200 miles (2,000 km),
Break-in schedule
Fuel efficient driving tips
Increasing fuel economy
Continuously variable transmission
Warning● if the engine is not running or is turned
Power steering
Warning● while driving on a slippery surface, be
Warning● the abs is a sophisticated device, but it
Warningdo not pump the brake pedal. doing so
Warningthe brake assist is only an aid to assist
Warning● the vdc system is designed to help the
If suspension parts such as shock ab-
Do not drive on these types of roads.
Cold weather driving
Skid and traction capabilities of studded
Warning● wet ice (f, c and freezing rain),
Warning● if stopping for an emergency, be sure to
In case of emergency
Flat tirein case of emergency
Carefully read the caution label attached to
The jack should be used on firm and
Adjust tire pressure to the cold pressure.
Warning● always make sure that the spare tire
When the engine starts, the forward
Do not stop the engine.
Warningbe careful not to allow your hands, hair,
Warning● never ride in a vehicle that is being
Be careful not to scratch the paint surface
Cleaning exterior
Cautionwhen cleaning the inside of the windows,
Appearance and care
Warningdo not use water or acidic cleaners
Cleaning interior
Corrosion protection
Memo7-8appearance and care
Scheduled maintenance
Where to go for service
Additional information on the following
Road wheel nuts
Windshield wiper blades
Maintenance and do-it-yourself
Engine coolant level
Radiator and hoses
Nissan dealer.
Warning● never remove the radiator or coolant
Antifreeze/coolant (blue) is pre-diluted
If the cooling system frequently requires
It is normal to add some oil between oil
B5. remove the drain plug᭺b
Warning● use only new fluid from a sealed con-
Continuously variable
Caution● do not substitute engine antifreeze
Warningbe sure the ignition switch is in the off or
A2. pull up at points᭺b
Cautionworn windshield wiper blades can dam-
Windshield wiper blades
Eldi2722ldi2723 8-20maintenance and do-it-yourself
Proper brake inspection intervals should
Warningnever use a fuse of higher or lower amper-
Note:the extended storage switch is used for
If the battery is removed for any reason
C. rotate the bulb socket᭺c
Wheels and tires
Exampleldi2786 8-38maintenance and do-it-yourself
Warning● when changing or replacing tires, be
Tire chains must be installed only on the
As soon as possible, tighten the
Warning● the use of tires other than those recom-
Warning● the spare tire should be used for emer-
Only spare tire will wear at a faster rate
Recommended fluids/
Technical and consumer information
Warranty.● do not use fuel that contains the octane
Take care not to spill gasoline during refu-
Using unleaded gasoline with an octane
However, now and then you may notice
The air conditioner system in your nissan
Warning● it is extremely dangerous to ride
Vehicle loading information
Examplewti0169 9-16technical and consumer information
Warning● properly secure all cargo with
Failurescaused by overloading are not
Treadwear 200 traction aa temperature a
Towing a trailer
Warningthe temperature grade for this tire is es-
Emission control system
Reporting safety defects
Readiness for inspection/
Owner’s manual/service
Jjump starting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6-8, 8-15k
Caution● using a fuel other than that specified
Gas station information
Supplemental restraint system (srs)
Warning● never let children ride unrestrained or

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