2015 fiat 500e Owner's Manual

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Fourth Edition
Printed in U.S.A.
FIAT 500e

With respect to any Vehicles Sold in Canada, the name FCA
US LLC shall be deemed to be deleted and the name FCA
Canada Inc. used in substitution therefore.
Drunken driving is one of the most frequent causes of accidents.
Your driving ability can be seriously impaired with blood alcohol levels far below the legal minimum. If you are drinking, don’t drive. Ride with a designated non- drinking driver, calla cab, a friend, or use public trans- portation.
Driving after drinking can lead to an accident.
Your perceptions are less sharp, your reflexes are
slower, and your judgment is impaired when you
have been drinking. Never drink and then drive.
This manual illustrates and describes the operation of features and equipment that are either standard or optional on this vehicle. This manual may also include a description of features and equipment that are no longer available or were not ordered on this vehicle. Please disregard any features and equipment described in this manual that are not on this vehicle.
FCA US LLC reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications, and/or make additions to or improvements to its products without imposing any obligation upon itself to install them on products previously manu- factured.
FIAT is a registered trademark of Fiat Group Marketing Corporate Communication S.p.A., used under license by FCA US LLC.
Copyright © 2015 FCA US LLC

Table of contents
Note: after reviewing the owner information, it
Introduction 5
Introduction 7
Things to know before starting your vehicle 11
Warning!never try to remove the high voltage service discon-
General information
Audible pedestrian warning system
Single-speed transmission
Things to know before starting your vehicle 15
Electric power steering
How do i get the fiat access smartphone app?
Menu buttonconnectivity id
Need help with registration?
Level 2 charging station
Things to know before starting your vehicle 21
Evse status indicators
Evse charge coupler
High voltage battery gauge
Charge low message
Charge low limited power mode
Ignition key removal
Key-in-ignition reminder
Things to know before starting your vehicle 35
To unlock the doors and liftgate
Mechanical key release button
Door lock handle
Driver’s power door lock handle
Things to know before starting your vehicle 45
Things to know before starting your vehicle 47
Enhanced seat belt use reminder system
Lap/shoulder belts
Lap/shoulder belt operating instructions
Inserting latch plate into buckle
Seat belt extender
Seat belt pretensioner
Switchable automatic locking retractor (alr) —
Warning!• never place a rear-facing child restraint in front of
Warning!• the seat belt assembly must be replaced if the
Advanced front air bags
Air bag can cause death or serious injury to a child
Warning!• no objects should be placed over or near the air
Supplemental side air bags
Warning!do not use accessory seat covers or place objects
Supplemental side air bag inflatable curtain (sabic)
Warning!• side air bags need room to inflate. do not lean
Enhanced accident response system
System reset procedure
Things to know before starting your vehicle 71
Warning!ignoring the air bag warning light in your instru-
Things to know before starting your vehicle 73
Warning!in a collision, an unrestrained child can become a
Things to know before starting your vehicle 75
Things to know before starting your vehicle 77
Things to know before starting your vehicle 79
Warning!never allow a child to put the shoulder belt under an
Things to know before starting your vehicle 85
Center seat latch
Warning!• improper installation of a child restraint to the
Lap/shoulder belt systems for installing child
Things to know before starting your vehicle 91
Rear seat tether strap mounting
Safety tipstransporting passengers
Vehicleseat belts
Failure to properly follow floor mat installation or
Understanding the features of your vehicle 101
Caution!to avoid damage to the mirror during cleaning, never
Warning!vehicles and other objects seen in the passenger side
Heated mirrors — if equipped
Blue&me™ hands-free communication
Sun visor (passenger side shown)
The hands-free kit
Understanding the features of your vehicle 107
Steering wheel hands free buttons
Understanding the features of your vehicle 109
Understanding the features of your vehicle 111
Please make certain that before using the system
Forward/rearward adjustment
Warning!do not ride with the seatback reclined so that the
Ez entry lever
Memory function option 2 — seat back only
Understanding the features of your vehicle 117
Warning!the head restraints for all occupants must be prop-
Adjustment button
Hood release lever
Lightsmultifunction lever
Daytime running lights — if equipped
Turn signal operation
Caution!before getting out of the vehicle be sure that the
Front fog lights — if equipped
Windshield wiper operation
Caution!• turn the windshield wipers off when driving
Rear windshield wiper
Rear wiper operation
Tilt control lever
Electronic speed control buttons
Understanding the features of your vehicle 133
U.s. speed (mph)
To decrease speed
To accelerate for passing
Rear park assist
Understanding the features of your vehicle 137
Failure indications
Cleaning the rear park assist system
Caution!• rear park assist is only a parking aid and it is
Understanding the features of your vehicle 143
Emergency operation
Warning!when the cigar lighter is in use it becomes very hot.
Cargo area features
Folded rear seats
Instrument panel features
Caution!the tpms has been optimized for the original
Electronic vehicle information center
Evic control buttons
Electronic vehicle information center (evic)
Selecting an option of the main menu with sub-
Understanding your instrument panel 169
Trip button170 understanding your instrument panel
Understanding your instrument panel 171
Sales code (rab) radio
Understanding your instrument panel 175
Quick guideradio controls
Buttonradio functions
Caution!on multimedia cds, besides audio tracks, there are
Functions and adjustments
Understanding your instrument panel 181
Audio adjustment
Balance adjustment
Loudness function — if equipped
User eq settings function — if equipped
Speed volume function — if equipped
On volume limit
Understanding your instrument panel 187
System reset function
Frequency band selection
Automatic tuning
Stereophonic broadcasters
Siriusxm satellite radio program types
Re-subscribe to siriusxm satellite radio
Understanding your instrument panel 191
Sirius subscription issues when replacing a
Satellite radio antenna — if equipped
Understanding your instrument panel 193
Possible error messages
Track fast forward/rewind
Selecting mp sessions with hybrid discs
Display information
Structure of the folders
Mp3 file reading
Usb/aux port1 — auxiliary cable jack — usb connector4
Remote sound system controls
Cd/dvd disc maintenance
Radio operation and mobile phones
Automatic temperature control (atc)
Automatic operation
Understanding your instrument panel 207
Operating tips
Summer operation
Vacation storage
Starting and operating 213
Caution!damage to the transmission may occur if the follow-
Warning!• only place the transmission into gear when your
The vehicle could accelerate quickly forward or in
Warning!do not coast in neutral and never turnoff the
Starting and operating 221
Mode of operation with key off:
Driving through water
Caution!• always check the depth of the standing water
Starting and operating 225
Parking brake
Parking brake
Electronic brake control system
Starting and operating 229
Brake assist system (bas)
Warning!• the brake assist system (bas) cannot prevent the
Electronic stability control (esc)
Warning!the electronic stability control (esc) cannot pre-
Esc operating modes
Starting and operating 233
Esc off indicator light
Regenerative braking system (rbs)
Starting and operating 235
Starting and operating 237
Load identification:
Example:dot ma l abcd 0301
Tire terminology and definitions
Tire loading and tire pressure
Steps for determining correct load limit
Ride comfort and vehicle stability
Caution!after inspecting or adjusting the tire pressure, al-
Warning!high speed driving with your vehicle under maxi-
Tire typesall season tires — if equipped
Starting and operating 253
Spare tires — if equipped
Compact spare tire — if equipped
Warning!compact spares are for temporary emergency use
Limited-use spare — if equipped
Warning!limited-use spares are for emergency use only. in-
Warning!fast spinning tires can be dangerous. forces gener-
Warning!tires and the spare tire should be replaced after six
Starting and operating 259
You could lose control and have a collision.
Warning!using tires of different size and type (ms, snow)
Starting and operating 261
Premium tire pressure monitor system
Tire rotation
Caution!• the tpms has been optimized for the original
Starting and operating 265
Tire pressure monitoring low pressure warnings
Low tire indicator
Service tpm system message
Starting and operating 269
Caution!towing this vehicle in violation of the above require-
Additional tips:
Driver behavior gauge
Range projection indicators
Hazard warning flashers
Wheel and tire torque specifications
Wheel mounting surface
Tire service kit storage
What to do in emergencies 279
Tire service kit expiration date location
Warning!• do not attempt to seal a tire on the side of the
Deflated tire:
If the sealant (white fluid) does flow through the
If the tire does not inflate to at least 26 psi (1.8 bar)
Caution!• the metal end fitting from power plug (8) may get
What to do in emergencies 285
If tire pressure is less than 19 psi (1.3 bar):
What to do in emergencies 287
Warning!do not attempt jump-starting if the battery is frozen.
Jump-starting procedure
Warning!do not connect the jumper cable to the negative (-)
Disconnecting the jumper cables
What to do in emergencies 291
Caution!• when rocking a stuck vehicle by shifting be-
Manual park release
What to do in emergencies 293
Not allowedfrontokflatbedall
Maintaining your vehicle
Underhood compartment
Warning!you can be badly injured working on or around a
System components should be performed by a
Coolant min/max
Warning!• the warning words do not open hot on the
Adding coolant
Power electronics and battery thermal
Points to remember
Maintenance-free battery 12 volt
Maintaining your vehicle 311
Rear wiper blade removal/installation
Maintaining your vehicle 313
Warning!commercially available windshield washer solvents
Parts” in maintaining your vehicle for further
This could result in a collision.
Appearance care and protection from corrosion
What causes corrosion?
Caution!• do not use abrasive or strong cleaning materials
Caution!do not use scouring pads, steel wool, a bristle brush,
Warning!do not use volatile solvents for cleaning purposes.
Maintaining your vehicle 321
Instrument panel cover
Seat belt maintenance
Maintaining your vehicle 325
F90 fuse location
Headlamps low beam and high beam
Front/rear side marker lamps
Center high mounted stop lamp (chmsl)
Caution!• mixing of coolant (antifreeze) other than specified
Required maintenance intervals
Suggestions for obtaining service for
Be reasonable with requests
Fiat customer center
Service contract
Warning!engine exhaust (internal combustion engines only),
If you need consumer assistance 349
Diagnostic procedure manuals
Warning!the traction grade assigned to this tire is based on
Installation of radio transmitting

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