1. Vendor Registration Process Steps : Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4

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User Manual
Vendor Registration

1. Vendor Registration Process Steps
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
2. Guideline for Vendor Self-Registration:
Vendors can register for one or more than one Product egories at a time, for doing business with Adani Power. Vendor needs to provide the Vendor contact details and business details.
The moment Vendor Registration is done successfully, an email is sent to Vendor with a Registration Request Number.
The Adani Infra reviews the Registration Form and accepts rejects the Vendor or the Vendor maybe contacted for further interactions & verification before finally approving or rejecting.
Approved Vendor shall be provided with a link periodic lly to update his contact details. Vendors name, Bank Details and PAN Number can be changed after the approval from
Adani Power. Rest of the details can be updated by vendor directly.
a) Vendor shall be required to fill up Self-Registration Form available at the Adani
Infra Website i.e http://www.adaniinfra.com through Internet Explorer (Recommended) by the following steps:

b) Refer Manual for Vendor Registration and Category List Manufacturer needs to download Manufacturer Assessment Form and upload the dully fill d and signed copy in the Essential Attachment section of the Form.

c) Click on the link Vendor Registration tab.
d) After Clicking on link Vendor Registration, Vendor Registration form shall be opened in new tab as shown

e) This display screen is a which is divided into 6 subsections:
I. General Details
II. Contact Details
III. Business Details
IV. Finance Details
V. Tax Details
VI. Essential Attachments
Vendor shall be required to fill all the sections to complete the Vendor Registration
Vendor is requested to click on respective tabs of subsections mentioned above to enter the requested details. Upon clicking each section, only respective section shall be displayed.
Mandatory data is shown with asterisk mark (*) which m st be filled to complete the
Process under each sub-section.
Section wise screen shots are pasted as under:

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