06 The Sovereigns & Factions

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The Kingdom Report
The Kingdom Report is a valuable breakdown of the current progression of your nation. From it you can seethe advantages your faction has, it’s current status in the world as it pertains to other nations and all available victory conditions Sovereign Portrait Conquest Victory Progress Faction Statistics Diplomatic Victory Progress Faction Traits Master Quest Progress Time Limit Progress Spell of Making Progress
If you are looking fora detailed breakdown of your nation’s economy, cities, and magic use, the Ledger screen is the best tool for the job. From this screen you can adjust your tax rate and peruse various sets of information, which are broken down into three separate tabs Enchantments - The Enchantment screen lists all of the enchantments you currently have active across the world. Here you can see how much mana they are draining from your income every season, along with what benefits they are providing and who/what they are cast on. If you deem any of them unnecessary you can cancel any active enchantment from this screen by clicking the Dispel button City List - The City List will show you all of your current cities for easy comparison, broken into their specialization. It’s a great place to keep tabs on which of your cities are the strongest indifferent areas, are missing enchantments or aren’t building anything. When cities feel like they are underperforming this screen can be a great tool to help you figure out why by allowing you to compare the tool-tips for their stats with those of your stronger cities Economy - The Economy screen is a complete breakdown of your nation’s Gildar income. If you find yourself running out of money, or just needing more to buy items or rush production, the Economy screen is where you can track down the big producers and spenders in your nation.
Regardless of how you decide to run your nation, you will eventually find yourself locked in combat atone point or another. When you do there are two different choices you can take for how your battles play out auto-resolve or tactical battle.
Auto-resolving a battle will cause the AI to simulate the battle without any further input from the player. While it is extremely quick, the AI is not as knowledgeable about the general game situation and will generally not be able to apply as solid strategies as a human. Because of this, in battles where the outcome is in doubt it is recommended that you choose to take control of the fight yourself with a tactical battle.
Tactical Battle
Tactical battles provide players with the opportunity to micromanage engagements themselves to get the most from their units. There are many skills and abilities only available for use in tactical battle, in addition to special rules for movement and actions that vary from in the strategic mode. In order to experience all there is to Fallen Enchantress players should consider engaging in tactical battles for their more interesting enemy encounters.

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