06 The Sovereigns & Factions

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Elemental Shards
There are six different types of magical shards found in the world, each empowering spells of a different element of nature. In order to harness this power, you will need to control the shards by capturing them within your borders and building shrines on them. Once under your control a shard will produce continuous Mana for your faction every turn. Control of shards will also increase the power of most spells of its element Fire - Fire spells are singularly focused on destruction. While they may lack in variety and subtlety, Fire spells provide a spellcaster with unrivaled options for dealing direct damage to their enemies Water - Water spells can provide a spellcaster with well balanced mix of strategic options, from hindering and damaging their foes to empowering their units and cities. Water spells involving with the power of ice can stop enemies in their tracks and are Water’s best bet for dealing direct damage to opposing units. Conversely, spells based on the soothing waters of nature can be used to improve your cities and units Air - Air spells primarily deal with manipulating friendly and enemy units movement and speed. With Air magic, you alter the tempo of combat and exploration, allowing your units to teleport great distances and toss around their enemies. By harnessing the power of lightning, some Air spells can deal direct damage to enemy units. Take care as lightning can be as wild as it is destructive Earth - Earth magic allows a spellcaster to manipulate the world of Elemental to suit their purposes. It is the elemental sphere of buffing and terraforming, offering numerous options to improve your units and cities as well as options to revitalize or destroy the land itself. While there are only a few options for direct damage in Earth spells, those that exist can be quite powerful Life - The magic of Life spells are only available to those factions affiliated with the Kingdoms of Men. However, this does not mean that Death shards are useless to Kingdom players. Instead, when a Death shard is captured by a Kingdom player it will be revitalized into a Life shard automatically. Life spells are the ultimate in support options for your spellcasters. They can improve both units and cities with numerous enchantments and are the only spells able to directly heal the wounded Death - The magic of Death spells are only available to those factions affiliated with the Empires of the Fallen. However, this does not mean that Life shards are useless to Fallen players. Instead, when a Life shard is captured by a Fallen player it will be corrupted into a Death shard automatically. Death spells are the ultimate in curse options and a powerful tool of destruction for your spellcasters. They can hinder enemy units with numerous debilitating and damaging effects in addition to dealing direct damage.

Manual 3
The main interface
Treaty types
The sovereigns and factions of fallen enchantress
Empires of the fallen
Menaltarian blood
Kingdom of altar
Unlocksathican leather cuir ass
Tarthantarth blood
Traitsmaster scouts
Masterwork chain
Magic proficiencies
Ironeersironeer blood
Traitsmaster smiths
Water apprentice
Traitsthe decalon
Mancermancer blood
Emperor k aravox
Kraxkr ax blood
Death apprentice
Traitsslave lord
Traitsassassin’s tools
If purchased from a 3
Installing the game
If purchased from steam
The adventure begins
Create a sovereign
Customize your faction
The world you rule
Places of interest
Player resources
City resources
Resource nodes
Taxation & income
Your sovereign
Founding a city
Valid city locations
City specializations
Elemental items
Foreign relations
The kingdom report
Letter from the designer
Licensed technology
Common problems
Last minute changes and information

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