06 The Sovereigns & Factions

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City Specializations
When a city reaches level two, you can pick one of three different specialization paths as a special improvement in the city. These improvements will provide an immediate bonus in that city and unlock different options for future level up perks. The three available specialization paths are Conclave, Fortress and Town Conclave - Conclaves are cities specialized in research, magic and other scholarly pursuits. The Conclave improvement itself increases the city’s research while it isn’t building anything. In addition, there area number of improvements you can build or gain when leveling up in Conclave cities that increase Research, Influence,
Mana and more. Many improvements unlocked by Conclaves scale based on your Essence, making a city with high Essence yields a good choice fora Conclave Fortress - Fortresses are cities specialized in defense and military endeavors. Choosing the Fortress improvement at level two will allow all units trained in that city to start at a higher level. The improvements unlocked in Fortresses will greatly help your trained units, both by increasing their power and reducing their cost. Fortresses area great choice for cities when you are gearing your nation for war. While any city can be a useful Fortress, those with high Material yields will probably be the most effective Town - Towns are cities focused on economic gains and national infrastructure. While the initial Town improvement will just increase your borders, future unlocks can provide boosts to Food, Production, Gildar and more. Many Town improvements can actually benefit all of your cities, making Towns a crucial cog in the gears of your nation. Towns can flourish regardless of a city’s initial tile yields. Use them to shore up cities that would otherwise underproduce, or when you are just looking to give your economy a shot in the arm.
Magic rules the world of Elemental. It was the power of magic that destroyed the land during the Cataclysm and it is with magic that the world will again be healed. Magic in Fallen Enchantress is channeled through Elemental Shards as Mana and wielded by the Sovereigns and Champions of the world. Magical spells cast by your Champions will drain from your faction wide Mana pool, so be careful to keep your spell use in balance with your Mana input.
Spells are the primary way you can wield magic in Fallen Enchantress. Every Champion and Sovereign can cast spells. Exactly which spells they have access to are generally dictated by their traits. For every different elemental spell sphere there are five escalating ranks of traits available for Champions to master. As a Champion increases their spell trait ranks, they will unlock new spells they can use. In addition to learning spells through Traits, some spells can be unlocked via technologies and quests. Once unlocked, these spells will be accessible to all your Champions, regardless of magical acumen. Some Champions be better at casting a particular spell because of their Spell Mastery rating and other potential bonuses.
Spell Types
There are many different spell types in the world of Elemental. The primary form of distinction is between Tactical and Strategic Spells Tactical Spells - Tactical spells are spells that are cast in tactical combat. They can be viewed in the spellbook by clicking the Tactical tab on the right side of the screen. If you select a specific tactical spell in the spellbook you can see which Champions you control that can cast it at the lower right. Once in a tactical battle all of a unit’s spells are available under the Spells button in their action pane Strategic Spells - Strategic spells are spells that are cast on the main game world, also known as the strategic view. They can be cast by clicking the Spells button at the bottom right of the main UI to access the spellbook. Once in the spellbook,

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