06 The Sovereigns & Factions

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the tile yield denoting a city’s Food production and potential maximum Population. For every grain in a city, it will provide an additional 20 Food, which in turn can support 20 citizens. As the game goes on, you will find numerous ways to increase your food supply beyond this total, often by increasing how much Food a single Grain yield provides or actually increasing a city’s Grain. Settle on tiles with high Grain yields when you are looking to one day have a high level city with a large Population and high tax income Materials - Material yields can be identified by their orange color and hammer icon. They are the tile yield representing a city’s Production potential. Production is the measure of how quickly a city can build improvements and train units and is essential for any type of city. While there are many ways to increase your Production, the starting yields of a city will be a huge factor in its progression and final values. Settle on tiles with high Material yields when you are looking to make a city focused on unit training or filled with improvements Essence - Essence yields can be identified by their blue color and swirl icon. They dictate how many enchantments can be cast on a city and measure that city’s general magic power. While Essence will not directly change any of the resources of a city beyond its number of enchantments, there are numerous magical improvements that can provide bonuses that scale with a city’s Essence. If you are looking fora city to fill with the numerous powerful enchantments the mages of your nation possess, look fora city with high Essence.

Manual 3
The main interface
Treaty types
The sovereigns and factions of fallen enchantress
Empires of the fallen
Menaltarian blood
Kingdom of altar
Unlocksathican leather cuir ass
Tarthantarth blood
Traitsmaster scouts
Masterwork chain
Magic proficiencies
Ironeersironeer blood
Traitsmaster smiths
Water apprentice
Traitsthe decalon
Mancermancer blood
Emperor k aravox
Kraxkr ax blood
Death apprentice
Traitsslave lord
Traitsassassin’s tools
If purchased from a 3
Installing the game
If purchased from steam
The adventure begins
Create a sovereign
Customize your faction
The world you rule
Places of interest
Player resources
City resources
Resource nodes
Taxation & income
Your sovereign
Founding a city
Valid city locations
City specializations
Elemental shards
Elemental items
Foreign relations
The kingdom report
Letter from the designer
Licensed technology
Common problems
Last minute changes and information

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