06 The Sovereigns & Factions

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weapons or armor. Here you will find all sorts of accessories and mounts you can outfit your units with. Keep in mind that a unit can have up to a maximum of four accessories equipped at a time Other - The other category is where you can customize the look of your unit design. Every unit you train of this type will look like this, so pick wisely Trait Slots - Every unit design can possess up to four special Traits. Some Traits serve to boost your unit’s general performance, while others allow them to specialize themselves further. For instance, if you are looking to make a unit design that is heavily armored with a heavy weapon, you will probably need to supplement that design with Traits that increase its weight capacity Total Cost - All of these options for units come with trade-offs, specifically those of increased training costs. Every weapon, armor, equipment and Trait you select fora unit design comes with its own increase to training costs. Sometimes this is simply an increase in the amount of labor that unit will require. However, they can also include resources such as Crystal and Metal. Balancing the strength of your trained units with your available resources and production speeds is crucial to fielding the optimal army for your nation.
If units are the lifeblood of your nation, cities are its backbone. Your cities are the foundation of almost every aspect of your economy, from your Gildar to your Mana, and all resources in between. Understanding how your cities work will ensure you can keep your coffers strong and your production facilities running smoothly.

Manual 3
The main interface
Treaty types
The sovereigns and factions of fallen enchantress
Empires of the fallen
Menaltarian blood
Kingdom of altar
Unlocksathican leather cuir ass
Tarthantarth blood
Traitsmaster scouts
Masterwork chain
Magic proficiencies
Ironeersironeer blood
Traitsmaster smiths
Water apprentice
Traitsthe decalon
Mancermancer blood
Emperor k aravox
Kraxkr ax blood
Death apprentice
Traitsslave lord
Traitsassassin’s tools
If purchased from a 3
Installing the game
If purchased from steam
The adventure begins
Create a sovereign
Customize your faction
The world you rule
Places of interest
Player resources
City resources
Resource nodes
Taxation & income
Your sovereign
Founding a city
Valid city locations
City specializations
Elemental shards
Elemental items
Foreign relations
The kingdom report
Letter from the designer
Licensed technology
Common problems
Last minute changes and information

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