06 The Sovereigns & Factions

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casting path Quests - Champions are special because they are required in order to undertake quests and claim notable locations. While a Champion is needed for these actions, they can still bring other units with them to help out in their adventure. As a result of this requirement, many quests and notable locations feature rewards specifically for Champions.
Trained Units
Trained units are the rank and file units that makeup the armies of your nation. They are known as trained units because of the fact that they must be trained in a city, as opposed to Champions which are recruited in the wild. Because of this distinction, trained units area much more consistent source of troops for your armies, but they do have their drawbacks. In general, trained units are not as strong as Champions, mainly due to reduced Hit Point and Accuracy values. They will not be able to change their equipment freely and are restricted to equipment you have unlocked through technologies. Trained units do not gain new Traits when they level up. They are locked to the traits they have when trained. If they fall in battle, trained units suffer permanent death and are gone for good Group sizes - An easy way to differentiate trained units from Champions is that the majority of trained units are trained in groups. While an individual trained unit is almost never as strong as a Champion, a group of 3-7 of them maybe. As your technology level increases you will unlock larger group options for trained units. While groups of trained units are controlled as a single unit it is important to realize that they still actually are individual units in the group. For instance, when attacking, every troop in a group of trained units will make its own attack that is able to be dodged and reduced in damage by the defending unit. Conversely, as your group of trained units is damaged, the individual units in the group will be incapacitated one by one, reducing the damage potential of that group. When you heal a group of units those incapacitated troops will be able to rejoin the battle Trained Unit Traits - Much like Champions, traits area key distinguishing factor on your trained units. Unlike Champions, trained units do not receive traits when gaining levels making their traits on creation of the utmost importance. Trained units and Champions have completely different traits that enable them to function quite differently from one another Pre-Designed Units - As you research technologies that provide you with new weapons and armor you will also unlock new unit types you can train in your cities. New unit types are essential to training better troops, keep an eye out for them in your train menu in order to take advantage of the newest technology Special Unit types - Many factions have access to special types of trained units with different rules and bonuses. These units are often restricted to a single unit (rather than being trainable as a group, but they possess special abilities or traits that can provide them with extraordinary power Designing a Unit - If the unit types you unlock via research are not meeting your needs, or you just prefer a more personal touch, you can instead opt to design your own unit types. To create anew unit type head to the Design Units tab of the govern screen. Here you can edit preexisting units, create new designs and even retire designs you no longer need. As a bonus, any units you design will be available in all future games you play once you have unlocked everything they require Weapons - When creating a custom unit type perhaps the most important choice you will make is what weapon they will have. While you can select a specific weapon fora unit, if you would prefer to have a design that can grow along with your faction you can instead choose an “upgradable” weapon of a particular type. This will cause the design to create units with the best available weapon of that classification when they are trained. Note that this will not automatically upgrade units of this type if they have already been trained when you unlock a better weapon. In order to upgrade trained units in this case you will have to select them in the world, manually select the upgrade weapon action in their action pane, and pay a fee Armor - What armor you choose fora unit design can be every bit as important as their weapon. Heavier armor requires special Traits to wear, either Chain or Plate profeciency. Much like weapons, if you would prefer to have more modular armor selections, you can choose to have the best available armor in a slot instead of a specific piece of armor. The same restrictions apply with armor for upgrading already trained units as weapons Equipment - Equipment is one of the ways you can further customize a particular unit design to distinguish them from other units with similar

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