06 The Sovereigns & Factions

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Your Sovereign
Your Sovereign is the leader of your nation. He/she is a special Champion that represents your people in the world. Unlike Champions, Sovereigns do not suffer injuries when falling in battle, but they will still have to spend time recovering following lost battles. Should your Sovereign fall in battle while you don’t control a city, you will lose the game Equipment - Champions are unique from other units in that they can change their equipment at anytime. They can acquire new equipment in a variety of ways including notable locations, shops, quests and combat. Make sure to equip any new items you find on your Champions via the Equip menu on the unit details screen in order to take advantage of their bonuses Level up traits - One of the most important distinctions between Champions and other units is the way in which they level. While most units simply gain statistical bonuses at each new level, Champions also get to select anew unique Trait every level. These traits will further specialize a Champion, providing them with special bonuses, spells and abilities not available to other units Paths - Paths are special Traits every Champion can choose when they hit level four that help define a specific role for that Champion. In addition to the large bonuses a Champion gets for picking the Path trait itself, the Path you choose will allow different Traits to show up as options at later levels Path of the Assassin - A path specialized in dealing bursts of damage via critical hits and high accuracy. Assassins will not have access to increased weight capacities and thus be limited to lighter armors. They can makeup for some of these failings with traits that increase their Dodge Path of the Defender - The path of the Defender will allow Champions to increase their survivability and that of other units they are grouped with. While there are few offensive traits in the Defender path, it is unparalleled in survivability and weight capacity. Defenders will be able to wear the heaviest of armor while protecting their allies from harm Path of the Commander - Commander is the path of choice for Champions looking to strengthen your economy, improve cities and provide leadership bonuses to your army. What Governors forgo in personal combat prowess, they makeup for with general army buffs and income bonuses Path of the Mage - The path of the Mage is the ultimate choice for Champions looking to specialize in spell casting. What Mages give up in weight capacity and defense they more than makeup for in magical power. If you have the mana and shards to support them, there is no better killing machine than a high level Mage Champion Path of the Warrior - Path of the Warrior provides a Champion with a balanced mix of offensive and defensive traits that boost their physical prowess. It will not provide the same level of survivability as path of the Defender or the offensive burst potential of the path of the Assassin, but will allow fora Champion in heavy armor with solid damage dealing ability Spells - Another huge feature that is unique to Champions is their ability to cast spells. Champions gain access to spells via unique traits when they level up. For every rank in a spell trait a Champion will unlock new spells for use in battle or the strategic game. Champions will never be able to pick entirely new spell traits, instead they can only advance those they start with. This is important to consider when deciding which of your Champions you would like to specialize down a spell

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