06 The Sovereigns & Factions

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Player Resources
Player Resources are the backbone of your nation. They are the resources your faction will stockpile and use to fuel the majority of their needs. While they maybe produced on a city level, they are considered player resources because their stockpile exists for the entire nation to share Gildar - Gildar is the primary currency of Elemental. It is primarily gained via tax income in your cities and is vital to the strength of your army, as all of your units require wages. Beyond wages there area number of uses for Gildar, from recruiting Champions to buying new equipment Research - Research is the resource used to learn new technologies and advance your nation through the tech tree. Unlike other resources, it does not pileup overtime. All the Research produced in your cities each turn is applied directly towards the technology you are currently researching Mana - Mana is the resource used by your Champions and Sovereign to cast spells. It can be gained from a variety of means, but the primary source is controlling the magical shards of the world. By building shrines on shards inside your borders you can channel their power through your cities and into your nation’s Mana pool Crystal - Crystal is the resource of magical forging and equipment fabrication. It is primarily refined through Crystal resource nodes found in the wild and is used to craft magic equipment for your troops Metal - Metal is the resource of war and production. It is required to craft armies clad in heavy armor with the finest of weapons. You will need to secure Iron nodes within your borders to acquire a supply for your troops Horses - A stockpile of Horses can be a great asset for your military, allowing you to field troops mounted on horseback to the front lines. In order to secure a supply of horses you will need to construct improvements on Wild Horse resource nodes you find within your borders Wargs - Wargs are an alternative to horses that can be used to train mounted units. Much like Horses, you will need to build on Wild Warg improvements in order to acquire Wargs for your armies Fame - Fame measures how well known you are in the world. It is the primary resource you will need when pursuing a Champion related strategy. As your fame rises, new Champions will offer to join you. You can increase your fame by completing quests and constructing certain improvements.

Manual 3
The main interface
Treaty types
The sovereigns and factions of fallen enchantress
Empires of the fallen
Menaltarian blood
Kingdom of altar
Unlocksathican leather cuir ass
Tarthantarth blood
Traitsmaster scouts
Masterwork chain
Magic proficiencies
Ironeersironeer blood
Traitsmaster smiths
Water apprentice
Traitsthe decalon
Mancermancer blood
Emperor k aravox
Kraxkr ax blood
Death apprentice
Traitsslave lord
Traitsassassin’s tools
If purchased from a 3
Installing the game
If purchased from steam
The adventure begins
Create a sovereign
Customize your faction
The world you rule
Places of interest
City resources
Resource nodes
Taxation & income
Your sovereign
Founding a city
Valid city locations
City specializations
Elemental shards
Elemental items
Foreign relations
The kingdom report
Letter from the designer
Licensed technology
Common problems
Last minute changes and information

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