06 The Sovereigns & Factions

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you to do all sorts of things to complete them. When you do, each new quest will get an entry in the Empire Tree that you can click onto remind you where you need to go for the next step. This can bean invaluable tool, especially when you come across a quest you will need to strengthen your forces in order to conquer Current Year - Every game of Fallen Enchantress starts in the Spring of the year 159
- After Cataclysm. Each turn equates to a Season in the world and you can check how many seasons have passed by hovering over the current date. Every game of Fallen Enchantress has a limit to the number of Seasons before it ends. You can check your progress towards the time limit on the Kingdom Report in the Govern screen Hiergamenon - The Hiergamenon is the ultimate resource for discovering the world of Elemental. It contains information about all elements of the game broken down into categories, and can be accessed by clicking the ? icon in the top right of the screen Factions - The Faction section will display all of the factions in the world of Elemental. If you are looking for more backstory on a particular faction, or just want to compare their abilities, this is the place to look Sovereigns - The Sovereign section contains detailed information on all of
Elemental’s Sovereigns Technologies - The Technologies section has a detailed breakdown of every technology available to your current faction. It’s a great resource for examining the links between technologies, as well as more detailed information on unlocks. Keep in mind that you can click on prerequisite technologies and unlocked items to jump to their Hiergamenon entries Spells - The Spell list is your comprehensive list of all spells available to your faction, no matter how they are unlocked Improvements - The Improvement section is a complete list of all improvements available to your faction, along with their required technologies when applicable. It can be a great resource for finding out how to unlock specific improvements by tracing them back to the technologies they require Equipment - A comprehensive list of all equipment in the game. The Equipment list is extremely useful forgetting the details on items you can find or create. In the case of equipment for your trained units, you can also look up how much they will cost for your troops here along with what techs unlock them Resources - The Resources section features a complete list of all resource nodes found around the world Monsters - The Monster category contains all of the monsters that could be found in your world. It’s a great place to check into the strengths and weaknesses of the creatures you will be doing battle with Game Concepts - The Game Concepts section is full of tips and tutorial information related to gameplay and the world. You can use it to watch any of the videos from the tutorial map as well a read upon advanced game information and systems.

Manual 3
The main interface
Treaty types
The sovereigns and factions of fallen enchantress
Empires of the fallen
Menaltarian blood
Kingdom of altar
Unlocksathican leather cuir ass
Tarthantarth blood
Traitsmaster scouts
Masterwork chain
Magic proficiencies
Ironeersironeer blood
Traitsmaster smiths
Water apprentice
Traitsthe decalon
Mancermancer blood
Emperor k aravox
Kraxkr ax blood
Death apprentice
Traitsslave lord
Traitsassassin’s tools
If purchased from a 3
Installing the game
If purchased from steam
The adventure begins
Create a sovereign
Customize your faction
The world you rule
Places of interest
Player resources
City resources
Resource nodes
Taxation & income
Your sovereign
Founding a city
Valid city locations
City specializations
Elemental shards
Elemental items
Foreign relations
The kingdom report
Letter from the designer
Licensed technology
Common problems
Last minute changes and information

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